Why do We Pick Olives By Hand?

Picking olives by hand is the healthiest harvesting method for both olives and trees.

As it is expected to collect an average of 100-120 kg of olives per worker per day by shaking the tree, which is a common harvesting method, such quantity reduces to 60-70 kg per worker in harvesting by hand. Therefore, production costs increase, but if you want to produce Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (UP EVOO), you have no choice but to collect the olives by hand from the tree.

Since the skin of olives picked by hand will not be torn, their texture will not be damaged or crushed, the olive oil to be obtained from this product shall be the best quality olive oil.

Processing the olives in pressing by preserving its physical conditions on the branch shall allow to obtain the lowest acidity rate in the olive oil and to preseve the antioxidants much higher.

In order to obtain the best quality olive oil from the olives collected by hand, such olives should be transported t the pressing plant without any delay in perforated crates that prevent the olives from heating.