ARETE means “excellence”

Two thousand years ago, olive oil was produced in the village of Lyrboton Kome, above Antalya (Turkey). This village was an important olive oil production center and was on the “Via Sebaste” (Imperial Road) leading to Perge. The most important structure here is a tower that gives information about the name of its owner. The inscription on the tower, which is called the Arete Tower today, shows that its owners and masters were brothers, Demetrios and Apollonios. Arete, the daughter of Demetrios and also the priestess of Demeter (the goddess of the harvest), had a promise to keep. She built the Arete Tower and dedicated it to the Emperors Caesar Domitian Augustus Germanicus and Artemis of Perga. Arete was a strong woman and was the reason this city existed. Most importantly, she established the olive foundation and institutionalized the production. Her daughter Kille and the next generation continued these duties. We named our product “Arete” to keep her name alive. By doing this, we hope to continue the mission she left behind and pass on her legacy to future generations.