What Is Polyphenol?

Olive oil is the only vegetable oil that contains many valuable components such as fatty acids, and also contains antioxidant polyphenols, obtained from olives only by physical means and can be consumed in its natural form. It is considered to be more beneficial for human metabolism than any other vegetable oils as it is rich in vitamins A, D, E and K and its fatty acid ratios along with Omega 9.

However, what makes olive oil useful and valuable are the oleic acids and polyphenols acting as antioxidants. In fact, some important polyphenols are only found in olive oil.

Polyphenols increase the life of olive oil and at the same time improve its taste. Olives contain a high concentration of phenolic substance at a level that makes up about 1-3 % of the fruit flesh, and these phenolics penetrate the oil by physical means from the olive. Therefore, the processes after which olives turn into olive oil are important in terms of the amount of phenolic substance contained in olive oil. This is one of the most important differences distinguishing any olive oil from many other types of olive oil.

While the value of phenolic components in olive oil varies according to the type of olive, its height, the way it is produced, collected, stored and the duration of its involvement in the production process, it is observed that such qualities in the olive are at its peak in the semi-green period when the olive does not turn black. At the same time, the use of water during the production causes these phenolic compounds to disappear into the water, while processing the olive paste at a temperature below 27 °C ensures that the volatile beneficial components are not lost from the olive oil.
Healthy nutrition is very important in preventing diseases. Antioxidant nutrition is especially important to get rid of the effects of free radicals.

In recent years, studies on cardiovascular diseases, neurological development, arthritis, cholesterol, and especially cancer, as the disease of our age, reveal the importance of these phenolic compounds on human health.

As the Turkish Cancer Association, we use olive oil with high polyphenol for our patients who stay at Mucizeevi (House of Miracles) because it prevents the formation of various cancer (colon, prostate and breast) and thrombic (coagulation) diseases and protects the cancer-fighting erythrocytes from oxidative stress, and We advise everyone eating olive oil to consider polyphenol rate in the olive oils and to consume olive oil containing at least 200 mg / kg of polyphenols, in cold state.

Source: Turkish Cancer Association