How to Taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil ?

An olive oil tasting is similar to a wine tasting, both wine and olive oil are liquids obtained by pressing fresh fruit.

Your mouth has to be refreshed always between each tasting with sparkling water or a slice of apple.

Perfumes, deodorants, sweets, drinks like coffee, eating, alcohol and smoking should be avoided at least 1 hour before and during the tasting.

Avoid washing your hands with perfumed soaps and don’t use perfumed hand lotions before a tasting session.


Formal Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Process:

Pour a little bit of olive oil (a tablespoon or two) in a glass or wineglass or cup. If possible, a blue glass.

Cradle the glass in your one hand and close the top with your another hand.

Warm it up in your hands.

Swirl the oil around to coat the sides of the glass and release the oil’s aromas.

Bring the glass toward your nose, uncover the glass, and inhale the oil’s aroma, noticing if it is fruity and thinking about what it smells like.

Now take a sip of the oil, but don’t swallow it yet. See if the tip of your tongue detects a slight sweetness in the oil.

Holding the olive oil in your mouth, inhale some air through your teeth.

Move the olive oil around in your mouth to the right and left of the tongue, considering the olive oil’s bitterness.

After all, swallow the olive oil, considering whether you perceive spiciness as it goes down your throat, and whether it makes you cough a bit.

Beneficial characteristics of extra virgin olive oil are bitter and spicy sensations, since they signify the presence of polyphenols, which are extremely healthy natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Therefore, it is essential to choose an extra virgin olive oil that is bitter and spicy.

A complex extra virgin olive oil is one that has a variety of aromas from various fruits and/or vegetables.

When the fruity intensity is proportional to the bitterness and spiciness intensity, the extra virgin olive oil is considered balanced.

The best extra virgin olive oil is one that is well balanced.