How To Store Olive Oil?

The most important factors in the storing olive oil are air (oxygen), light, smell, temperature and


Olive oil is actually the juice of the olive fruit. Just as the flavor and breath of freshly squeezed fruit juice begins to disappear when you wait, this is the case with olive oil. Even if the olive oil does not deteriorate completely, it will lose its flavor and taste as long as it waits.


The oxygen in the air oxidizes all the organic products it comes into contact with, as well as the olive
oil. The peroxide ratio increases in oxidized olive oil. When oxidation combines with light and heat,
these chemical reactions increase and olive oil begins to lose its flavor. As a result, the beneficial
minerals and polyphenols in olive oil are lost and the acid ratio of olive oil increases.


Olive oil should be kept preferably in a colored glass bottle, tin can or ceramic container, tightly
closed, and not containing any moisture. It should not be stored in plastic and colorless (clear) glass


When olive oil is exposed to sunlight, the chlorophyll in it is oxidized and negatively affects the taste
of the oil.


The ideal environment temperature in which olive oil will be stored should be 18-25 °C.


Since olive oil absorbs the smell of the environment quickly, it should be stored in an environment
free of any foreign odors and moisture.


Olive oil should not be refrigerated; because it starts to solidify when it falls below 8 °C. When
the olive oil put in the fridge hardens due to the cold, its color becomes smoky. When the olive oil,
which is brought to room temperature, liquefies after a while, mist and hence water droplets are
formed around the mouth of the lid and this water drop may drop on the oil. That is why, it is not
recommended to keep olive oil in the refrigerator.


Olive oil is not a product that preserves its freshness and taste for a long time. It is recommended to
be consumed within 2 months after opening the mouth. Preferably, it should be stored in 250 ml and 500 ml bottles according to your consumption habits
and for early consumption after opening.