How Do We Do?

Our olive trees are grown in accordance with the Good Agricultural Practices Regulation.

We use only organic fertilizers in our gardens.

Our olives are harvested by hand in September and October, that is, when the olives are still green,
and they are placed in perforated boxes that are ventilated without any damage and sent for pressing procecc immediately on the same day.

We press the olives in a state-of-the-art, modern continuous system, with utmost attention to cleanliness and hygiene. The maximum temperature in pressing process is 27 ° C.

Before pressing, olives are washed and cleaned from any contamination such as insects, leaves, branches, stones and soil.

After thorough cleaning process, the olives are sent directly to the crusher with an automatic conveyor.

The olive paste is sent from the crusher to the malaxer and kneaded there for an optimum period of time. The process in the malaxer allows the oil to separate from the cells and the olive paste to reach a level of consistency that allows olive oil to be taken from it.

The olive paste that has reached the consistency in the malaxer is sent from the malaxer to the decanter.

In the decanter, the water (olive mill wastewater), pulp (pomace) and oil in this paste are separated by centrifuge technique.

Separated olive oil is sent to the separator. Olive oil is separated from the pulp by the centrifuge method in the separator.

Separated olive oil is filtered, quality control tests are carried out, filled into dark colored bottles, and packaged and stored in a warehouse completely away from light and at an average temperature of 20 °C.