Product Informations:

Fruity taste, spicy bitterness and pungency feel.
Smells of freshly cut grass, artichokes, raw almonds and leaves are intense
Its color is greenish as it is made with early harvest green olives.
Filtered through paper filters, our olive oil is bottled in dark glass bottles to preserve the quality, and is maintained under special climatic conditions.
Olive Cultivar : AYVALIK
Production Place : Köprübaşı, Manisa
Packing : Dark Colored Glass Bottle
Filling Volume : 500 ml
Harvest Method : Early Harvest (Hand Picked)
Press Method : Cold Pressed (Below 27 °C)
Filter : Filtered
Acidity : Max % 0.13
Peroxide : Max 2.75 mg/kg
Poliphenols : Min 423 meqO/kg

Allergen Warning: No allergen risk is detected in our product.


It is suitable for consumption in all meals, raw or cooked.
Good for drinking.
We recommend it to be consumed in breakfasts, salads, starters and appetizers.